A podcast where creative, interesting people interviewed about their experiences with marijuana.


A podcast where creative people talk about their experiences with marijuana.

Episode 06: Charlie Warzel reports from Alex Jones' custody dispute on shocking weed revelations including a conspiracy by George Soros to make the weed too strong

Charlie Warzel is a technology reporter who spent the last two weeks sitting right behind America's favorite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in an Austin, TX courthouse. At stake in Alex Jones' custody dispute is whether the unhinged character he plays on InfoWars is real or as he claims "political satire."

On 4/20, his ex-wife's attorneys asked him about an incident wherein he was "unable to recall the names of his children's teachers after eating a big bowl of chili" and another incident where smoked a joint on the air while appearing as a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast. Jones explained that he used marijuana nearly yearly "to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it" and that marijuana was too strong as a result of a mind control conspiracy backed by billionaire George Soros. 

Aaron Lammer