A podcast where creative, interesting people interviewed about their experiences with marijuana.


A podcast where creative people talk about their experiences with marijuana.

Episode 40: Matt Taibbi, co-writer of The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing

Matt Taibbi discovered a longtime acquaintance had a secret life as a marijuana kingpin, sending product all over the United States in car trunks. With his anonymous co-author, he collaborated on 'The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing,' an intimate and detailed account of the business of grey legal marijuana.

Read the serialized 17-chapter The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing in Taibbi's Substack archive

Aaron Lammer
Episode 26: Cannabis Bar Association co-founders Amanda Conley and Shabnam Malek

Amanda Conley and Shabnam Malek are Bay Area lawyers who co-founded the National Cannabis Bar Association. They also maintain their own practice, Brand & Branch LLP, which provides intellectual property services to cannabis businesses.

We talked about the importance of attorneys sharing notes across state lines, California's confusing legal history around medical and recreational legalization, and why first-hand experience can be important for lawyers who want to work within the industry.

Aaron Lammer
Episode 23: Tao Lin, novelist and poet

Tao Lin is is the author of the novel Taipei and a forthcoming book Beyond Existentialism about Terence McKenna and psychedelics. 

We talked about:

🌱 why Tao documents both his own thoughts and his caffeine and cannabis consumption in a giant .RTF document

🌱 having empathy for your parents

🌱  how pesticides block endocannabinoid receptors and steal humanity's natural stonedness

Aaron Lammer